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Well, this was an interesting little experiment!  Just goes to show how switching out one element can have such an effect on the ambience of a vignette.  I think my favorite it the top or bottom one, but the bird picture is part of a group of four (pictures actually taken from a used book and framed 🙂 ) in my living room that is perfectly suited for that space.  I might like the bird picture better here if I changed out the rich grey scarf for another color.  In this arrangement,  I started with the glass table lamp – which I like, but isn’t really my style.  I was in too much of a hurry to get a new lamp (long before my previous post about lamps).  The intriguing fruit bowl was purchased at a thrift store, and the metal elements, together with the weave and the objects filling it, bring nature and a little ‘roughness’ into the group.  Wanting something soft and billowy-ish – pardon my english – I grabbed one of my scarves and dropped it into the glass container perched on its black metal stand.  For me, the colors of the scarf added a richness and depth that was missing before.  The container too was from a thrift store.  If you have been following my blog, you will also recognize my ‘tablecloth’ – the small panel of bridal fabric that I couldn’t resist!




Although thrift stores – at least the few I go to – have a plethora of candle holders, I don’t often see any that fascinate me, and I would candle holders to do that for me.  Now this little puppy – for $3.00 caught my attention for a few reasons.  I like the gold tone in the base and on the holder, not just because it is not shiny and reflective, but it is a lovely complement to the ivory color.  The color is neither iridescent or frosty, but it hints at that.  Not overtly whimsical, the flower designs are pleasantly happy and uplifting!  The funny thing is though, I don’t burn candles, and never have,   Ah, but have you seen the wondrous candlescapes that can be put together?!  Now that seems like a fun creative time – an art form even.  I thought the candleholder looked right at home slightly tucked under the greenery, with it’s vines lovingly wrapped around!



I saw this lovely teapot set at the thrift store, and picked it all up for $18.00.  hehe….I saw a tag under the sugar container for $9.99 and thought the whole set was $9.99 until I went up to pay for it, and voila, another tag under the teapot!  C’est la vie – I I’m hopelessly attracted to all things of creamy colors and I love the cut-out trim.  I had the set sitting on my kitchen counter for quite some time as a decorative feature, since I don’t really drink tea :-/  but it just looked like more clutter, and disappeared into the off-white counters and backsplash.  Tidying up one day, I gave a second glance at this wicker tray that wasn’t being used for anything, and while I was cleaning the counters, put the trio tea set in, and a transformation occurred before my very eyes!  I’m not sure why I was so surprised because I’ve seen this happen time and time again.  If you have a surface where you have a few things on display, try putting them into a tray and see what happens.  It is often amazing!   You would think that thrift stores would be overflowing with trays of all kinds, but I don’t really see them very often, so if you recognize the difference they can make, and want to collect a few to change up your vignettes, if you see one that you like, I say tuck it under your arm and head for the cash register!



Ooh, I was delighted first of all, to find this lovely little shelf unit at the local thrift store!  I’ve been keeping my eyes open for any type of shelves – wicker, metal but they just weren’t showing up!  (One of those things that always seem to be there when you are not looking for them!)  It was $3.99.  Now, long ago I used to have a few tiny perfume bottles but somewhere between all my moves, they seem to have disappeared.  I’ve been keeping my eyes open, but perhaps the thrift stores don’t put these out, thinking noone will buy partially used bottles.  Then much to my delight, I was in an antique store that has SHELVES of these – must be over 100!  These little cuties were $2.00, $3.00 and $5.00.  As it turns out, this metal shelving unit is just delicate enough to be able to showcase the perfume bottles, and the antique while color is a beautiful backdrop for them.  Did you notice the chandelier crystal hung from the top right shelf?  I picked up a handful of these at a local flea market for $2.00 each thinking I would someday make a mobile with them, but it is the perfect embellishment here!  Initially for the bottom shelf, I only had the seashell and light blue riverstones, but nothing else I had seemed to work well.  Looking for other ways to decorate the shelf itself in my little box of scrapbooking decorations, I came across a long scrap of ivory crocheted trim, which gave me the ‘aha’ moment we all like to come across now and then.  It was just the right complement for the bottom shelf, including the little paper flower leaning against it.  The tiny bit of greenery is a nice touch, but I must say, the vignette looks just as lovely, but different, without it!


Normally I love to layer, lean, stack, hang, embellish, and anything else I can think of to add interest to a vignette, but every once in a while, simplicity just seems like the right way to go! The earth and metal colors of the woven box, with its domed and hinged lid is the star of the show for me. The other two decorative elements, although similar in size and very nice on their own, play the supporting roles perfectly. A little greenery always adds some life and movement, and the neutral vintage jug has a beauty all its own. The shade of blue is a lovely addition of color, and the pattern of the base is in keeping with the exotic flavor of the box. The box was found at a local second hand store for $3.00. I was tickled pink to find it – although many types of decorative objects can be found, boxes that suit me do not come along all that often.

A table vignette with houseplant

Transform Your Space With Houseplants

Using houseplants as decorative features creates an impressive ambience, breathing new life into your rooms and transforming them into lush inviting spaces. They can make just as strong a statement as would a beautiful chandelier! For those who enjoy the feng shui way of decorating, houseplants are said to create harmony in your home. The pothos plant, shown here, is very forgiving regarding light and water – it can thrive in bright and dim areas, although with too little light, you will likely lose any variegated coloring your leaves have. To water, you can just wait until you notice that the leaves and stems appear to be getting on the limp side. Pinching and cutting back will produce a bushy full plant, and pruning is a fun artistic way to shape it. To start new plants, simply put cuttings into dirt, or into a glass with water. Did I mention that the pothos is high on the list of plants that purify the air? They are also economical, reduce sound, and can reduce humidity levels. Try using a few of your favorite decorative items in front of the plant, or create more visual interest by tucking them in slightly under the fall of leaves. Foilage add unmistakeable beauty to any home – take advantage of the earth’s gift of home decor!


Well, first of all, I couldn’t resist picking up these cute little kittens at the thrift store.  Now normally, ‘cute’ is not my thing – hmmm, maybe it is – I just wouldn’t give in to it for some reason.  Nevertheless, these little kittens were adorable.  Then, I no sooner set them up to take a picture, and my own little cat had to sniff them out, and decided to sit right along with them! 

When you are at the thrift store, be sure to check out stands that have little baggies hanging from them.  You will find packages of small decor items, craft supplies, embellishments, small frames, and much more!  Not everything is on display on the shelves.  This little set was $1.99.  Check out the little Harry Potter lightning bolt on my cats’ forehead : )

With puddled doiley and salt and pepper 013

The last little touch I gave to this vignette was to sculpt the snow white intricate crocheted table runner under the jug on top of the placemat. That alone lended fullness, movement, and life to the arrangement. It was fine before, and looked nice but was – well – ordinary, and lacking any real depth. The scrolled ‘bowl’ looks like it is hand wrought iron, absolutely magnificent in its lopsidedness! It was $3.99 at the thrift store. What would you call this object? The embellished glass vase (featured in a previous post) adds a whisper of blue – a lovely color to complement neutrals. A strand of faux pearls bearing a gorgeous shine is for a little elegance and interest. The jug is one of my favorites; again, acquiring objects with ‘neutral’ colors will allow you to play with and alter vignettes easily. I am loving the little bubbles of sunlight filtering onto this table grouping!

A butter crock – or French butter dish – is so lovely in its simplicity and color, against a backdrop of soft deep folds of embroidered lace drapery with eyelets. A small piece of torn scrapbook paper, with a map in complementary colors, is tucked under the crock to add a touch of layering and visual interest. Strawflowers are sprinkled about for a lively presence. The fine crystal glass plays with the natural stones placed within. Shown again is one of my favorite thrift store lamps, with antiqued gold, and smokey quartz colored faceted glass. All in one vignette we have unfinished wood, tarnished brass, stones, crystal, lace, glass, and paper. The butter crock from the thrift store was $3.99. While I haven’t seen others (truth be told – I didn’t know there was such a thing!), there are often lovely similar treats where stoneware is displayed. The full pleated draperies from floor to ceiling, were a steal at $24.00 for two panels. I am a little passionate about always taking a glance through the draperies, because it’s nice to have some stored for a change – plus – if you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you ‘need’ some, it’s not always as easy as one would think to find the right window coverings. Again, the dollar store box which is so often handy to control height in vignettes. By the way, did you know that the Egyptians decorated statues of their gods with strawflowers?


There are often plant pots sitting on the shelves in thrift stores.  I don’t often see much though, that attracts my attention enough to purchase it, even at the nice low prices.  This little puppy caught my attention for a couple reasons.  The muted color was somehow a little different than I normally see, even compared to the new ones that are meant to look shabby chic, and the shape was elegant in a surprising way. Now, elegant isn’t normally what I go for, but the imperfect glazing and raised texture was more than enough to give it that charm I so adore.  If you do see a plant pot at thrift store that you like, do grab it though.  If you return even an hour or so later, chances are someone else will have recognized its charm as well : _