I love this lighthearted, positive, upbeat quote!  I feel wonderful just reading it!  One thing’s for sure – charismatic people (at least the genuine ones) are naturally and happily engaged with the people around them.  They are positive, seemingly glad to be alive and in your company.  They have a good sense of humor and wit, and appear relaxed in their posture, gestures, and pace of speech.    Charismatic people have a talent for small talk, communication in general, and if ever there is a gap in the conversation, around them it is a very comfortable gap!   These charming and alluring people have a way of cultivating enjoyable conversations, and a relaxed open atmosphere.  Perhaps one reason why being with a charismatic person can make us feel wonderful about ourselves is that regardless of any inadequacies we may feel we have, they can make us feel like we are interesting and worth getting to know just the way we are, and they can have a way of bringing out the best in us!