The idea for this vignette started with the wicker shelf I picked up at the thrift store for $3.99, in fact, everything in this vignette, except the tea pot on the upper shelf, and the metal bracelet on the placement were from the thrift store.  I don’t see wicker shelves as often as I thought I would, or as often as I used to, so I bought it with no second thoughts.   There’s almost always a place for cute little shelf units – because they are not large, they fit nicely on a bedroom dresser, a kitchen or bathroom counter, or in your living room and you can arrange a few items on and around them that accentuate the ambience you have, or are trying to achieve.  They also add height and interest – the interest comes from the design, the natural material, and the textures.  With the added height, your eyes wander around the grouping like they are on a little journey.  I originally began placing different colors of small pottery items but they were not working with the color of the shelf, and something else was missing.  Once I used the tarnished silver items, I realized that it was a lovely patina and reflective qualities that had been missing.  I placed a few aqua river pebbles to add a whisper of color.  The beads draping out of the hand-wrought looking metal bowl, the ivory rose and placement balance out the color from using the shabby ivory wooden box on the lower shelf.  You could still embellish more by placing an interesting item on top of the box – even a small strip of old lace, or tying something onto the wicker shelf.