Simplicity doesn’t have to be about tossing out the television, shutting down your social media, or nixing new purchases,  although it is shifting to a lifestyle with less stuff, debt, clutter, multi-tasking, and thinking, to more living.  By creating a simpler life, we become more engaged and relaxed, more mindful, and we are able to let experiences in.  Have you ever gone for a walk, only to find you were so focused on thinking about something that you didn’t even notice the beautiful autumn leaves?   

 Our complex lives can distract us from breathing in life’s simple, everyday blessings that bring about a sense of contentment.  When we are content, we are happy.  Some synonyms of being content are comfortable, fulfilled, peace of mind, heart’s ease, serenity.  Consciously take time in your daily life to be mindful of what your senses encounter,  and away from thinking about what you are going to buy next, how you can get more done in less time.   Take up pleasurable activities.  Find a light-hearted method of meditation that suits your personality.  Listen to your favorite songs.  Watch the leaves on the trees flutter in the breeze.  Watch a youtube video with the sights and sounds of a mountain stream while you imagine yourself exploring the banks, walking over the rocks to the other side, bending down to run your fingers over the moss.   Do a small kind thing for a stranger.  And probably, most of all, whisper a recognition of gratitude to your heart!