Couldn’t say it better myself!  The images this wall quote brings to mind are much more powerful than if it said “Hard times build character”.   Imagine yourself meeting , and having two separate conversations with two sailors.  The first one enjoyed sailing and was always sailing in calm waters surrounded by the beautiful sky, sparkling waters, and interesting shorelines, going about the business of sailing, taking care of business.  This was generally how the life of this sailor was.  Now, you find yourself with the second sailor who  had manoeuvered many a stormy waters, having to shore up precision focus, making split second decisions,   draw on all the knowledge learned,  and using this to figure out what works, how to problem solve if necessary items are washed overboard or broken, what to do if lost and supplies are running short, all the while keeping the safety of everyone else in mind.  These are likely only a few of the problems that would arise.  Then, once everything has returned to normal, and the sailor is back at home, the experience is reflected upon and after careful scrutiny sees where and why good decisions were made, how a different decision might have affected the results, and how the code of honor this person carried were honored (or not) in making decisions.  Imagine how your interaction  and perception of the character of this person might compare.    Challenges bring out new ways of expanding our thought processes, beliefs, and values.  We can become more resourceful, resilient, patient, and confident that in the future, we have the capacity to ‘weather the storm’ .  It can make us dig deep to examine our moral fiber and we can come out on top with a richer character, and wisdom.  In these times, we are forced to draw on all these things, and more, which, in smooth times, are lying dormant.