It must be the hat that gives this vignette such a carefree flair!  I have images in my mind from commercials of someone running through a country field on a sunny day, with a summer dress, holding the hat in their hands, then the wind blows it away!  The hat is adorned with a lightweight scarf with butterfly images, and beautiful delicate crocheted floral tassels.  Two squares of fabric, that I’m keeping on hand for my next block quilt, sit underneath the hat, grounding it and bringing the eye to it.  The pattern on the fabric squares really sets the tones for the country feel, and the square shapes balance out the round hat and rounded lamp.  The patina and shape of the antique jar is perfect for adding to the country feel – it makes you think you stepped outside your door, and cut off the greenery within.  It’s neutral color keeps the focus on the hat and fabric, yet is an integral part of the vignette.  The warm buttery color of the lamp, scarf and a fabric square, warm it all up, and the blue of the other square gives it a bit of interest and balance.  Thrift stores often have a lot of hats, and I can’t wait to create a vignette with yet another style!