One of my dreams when I purchase a condo of my own, is to tear out all or many of the top cupboards and replace them with a few well-chosen eclectic pieces.  In fact, it will have to be the first things I do without looking back because it will surely be an unusual thing to do.  Sure, I might end up having to be very creative with where and how I store things, but I’m certainly willing and able to do this to have what is my ‘unique kitchen space’!  In my condo search so far, it is the kitchen that makes me click onto the next one for sale, until I spent some time browsing images of kitchens for ideas, and when I found a few I liked, they were all titled with ‘boho’,   so the browsing continued.  Granted, many of them are a little eccentric for me, and a little overwhelming,  but the inspiration is jumping off the shelves!   The idea is to have various pieces for interest, have a certain amount of items on open shelves, don’t be matchy matchy, listen to your heart, and don’t be afraid to experiment and think outside of the box.  Well, it’s certainly not for everyone, but  you can indeed have a kitchen that will be a delight to walk into and spend time in, will be easy peasy to change up from to time, and will be like no one else’s!