Well, this was an interesting little experiment!  Just goes to show how switching out one element can have such an effect on the ambience of a vignette.  I think my favorite it the top or bottom one, but the bird picture is part of a group of four (pictures actually taken from a used book and framed 🙂 ) in my living room that is perfectly suited for that space.  I might like the bird picture better here if I changed out the rich grey scarf for another color.  In this arrangement,  I started with the glass table lamp – which I like, but isn’t really my style.  I was in too much of a hurry to get a new lamp (long before my previous post about lamps).  The intriguing fruit bowl was purchased at a thrift store, and the metal elements, together with the weave and the objects filling it, bring nature and a little ‘roughness’ into the group.  Wanting something soft and billowy-ish – pardon my english – I grabbed one of my scarves and dropped it into the glass container perched on its black metal stand.  For me, the colors of the scarf added a richness and depth that was missing before.  The container too was from a thrift store.  If you have been following my blog, you will also recognize my ‘tablecloth’ – the small panel of bridal fabric that I couldn’t resist!