Checking out the lighting section in thrift stores, is something I always always do!  Usually, there seems to be a fair number on display, and I even like a lot of the styles (often ceramic’ish) but I don’t often see the right color,  something that sets it off a little from the rest, or just really catches my eye enough to say to myself ‘hmm….if I don’t get this, I might regret it’.  In the past, when I found I was in need of a table or floor lamp, that’s the wrong time for me to go out looking.  Either I simply cannot find anything I like – new or used – or the price is more extravagant than  care to spend when it is not necessarily any more beautiful than ones I see in thrift stores from time to time.  Would I buy one I really liked even if I had enough already?  You betcha – just in case.  Either donate the now least favorite back to a thrift store, or keep one or two away to rotate for a fresh look now and again, or for when another one might break.  I really liked this one – it was $18.00.